PB Countdown / Run Geek Run Ep.7

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Run Geek Run Episode 5 (14/07/14)

That injury I was nursing knocked me out of action for the a week but I came back in the next week all guns blazing!ย  Clocked some miles up and set myself another PB, counting down to the first official run of the year.

If you want to donate to the team I’m running with in the 2014 Yorkshire Tough Mudder, the Tyneside Tyrants, do it here; http://goo.gl/lKa81U

I am raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust so please donate here; http://goo.gl/id8FYX
If you fancy yourself as more of a texter then text GEEK80 plus your donation to 70070. eg. GEEK80 ยฃ5.

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